Here’s How To Detox Your Entire Body to Never Get Sick or Tired Again

Nowadays, our health is seriously endangered by the numerous toxins, chemicals, and pollutants that surround us. To avoid such negative consequences, we need to occasionally cleanse the body and thus support its healthy functions.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae, obtained primarily from two species of cyanobacteria, Arthrospira platensis, and Arthrospira maxima, and grows in both, fresh and salt water, as well as in soil and in the wild. It is a rich source of enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, including vitamins B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 (nicotinamide), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-9 (folic acid), vitamin E, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, and selenium.

It is actually the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. Take a look at its impressive nutritional profile:

  • Energy -- 1,213 kJ (290 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates- 23.9 g
  • Sugars- 3.1g
  • Dietary fiber- 3.6g
  • Fat- 7.72g (Saturated- 2.65g, Monosaturated 0.675g, Polyunsaturated- 2.08g)
  • Protein- 57.47g
  • Tryptophan- 0.929 g
  • Threonine- 2.97 g
  • Isoleucine- 3.209 g
  • Leucine- 4.947 g
  • Lysine- 3.025 g
  • Methionine- 1.149 g
  • Cystine- 0.662 g
  • Phenylalanine-2.777 g
  • Tyrosine-2.584 g
  • Valine-3.512 g
  • Arginine-4.147 g
  • Histidine-1.085 g
  • Alanine-4.515 g
  • Aspartic acid-5.793 g
  • Glutamic acid-8.386 g
  • Glycine-3.099 g
  • Proline-2.382 g
  • Serine-2.998 g
  • Vitamins
  • Vitamin A equiv.-4%
  • Beta-carotene-29 μg
  • Lutein zeaxanthin -3%(342 μg)
  • Thiamine (B1)-207%(2.38 mg)
  • Riboflavin (B2)-306%(3.67 mg)
  • Niacin (B3)-85% (12.82 mg)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)    -70%(3.48 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 -28%(0.364 mg)
  • Folate (B9)-24%(94 μg)
  • Choline-13%(66 mg)
  • Vitamin C-12%(10.1 mg)
  • Vitamin E-33% (5 mg)
  • Vitamin K -24%(25.5 μg)
  • Trace metals
  • Calcium-12%(120 mg)
  • Iron-219%(28.5 mg)
  • Magnesium-55% (195 mg)
  • Manganese -90% (1.9 mg)
  • Phosphorus-17% ( 118 mg)
  • Potassium-29% (1363 mg)
  • Sodium -70% (1048 mg)
  • Zinc -21%(2 mg)
  • Water- 4.68 g

The amino acids it contains make up 62% of it and provide 4 grams of protein per tablespoon. The protein it contains improves the elasticity of the skin and repairs any damage, since it maintains elastin and collagen.

Its antioxidants, particularly phycocyanin and beta-carotene, prevent cell damage, while the bioavailable iron it contains is highly beneficial in the case of anemia and during pregnancy.

It is rich in gamma linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid, which is found in breast milk only, and effectively fights inflammation. It has also been found to treat allergic rhinitis and to soothe symptoms like nasal discharge, itching, everyday sneezing, and congestion.

Spirulina lowers high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, improves the function of the brain, treats eye conditions and disorders such as geriatric cataracts, diabetic retinal damage (retinitis), nephritic retinal damage and hardening of retinal blood vessels called as angiosclerosis, and cures gastric and duodenal ulcers.

The high amounts of tyrosine, vitamin E and selenium slow down the skin aging process and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Additionally, its strong detoxifying qualities will lighten dark circles.

This potent algae alkalizes the body and improves the function of the liver, and the chlorophyll it contains eliminates toxins from the blood.

Therefore, bathing in spirulina softens and revitalizes the skin, and flushes fluids from the cells, replacing them with nutrients. Such a bath soothes muscle pain and fatigue and removes all accumulated toxins in the body.

In a combination with Epsom salts or Himalayan salt, it creates a process known as reverse osmosis, which absorbs the toxins and salt from the body and allows the magnesium and sulfates to enter the body. Moreover, this bath will strengthen the bones, improve skin health, and fortify the connective tissue.

Here are the needed instructions:

Add half a cup of Spirulina, mixed in a pitcher of warm water, half a cup of salt, and 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to a warm bath, and soak in it to cleanse the body and improve overall health.

Enjoy this relaxing bath and boost your health!